Mattress IUV POWER hoover


With the IUV POWER mattress hoover you can clean any type of mattress, pillow, armchair, sofa, blanket, upholstery… No textile escapes from it, which makes it ideal. Especially recommended for people with respiratory complaints.

Make household chores so simple you’ll find them unbelievable. You’ll keep unwanted microscopic particles at bay with just one swipe! Thanks to its powerful 253.7 nm ultraviolet light, vacuum absorption with Hepa 9 filter and ion generator. A cleaning triad that will leave your home spotless. Everything you need in one hoover: IUV POWER from Lufthous.

Apart from being a complete tool, it has intuitive operation, so that you can start taking advantage of its benefits from the very first moment.


what makes the IUV POWER mattress hoover special?

  • Special design that reduces the effort required on legs and arms. Ergonomically shaped for unparalleled comfort, so that the effort required for cleaning is kept to a minimum.


  • Safety programming with micro-touch and pressure systems working together to ensure safe and efficient use. It also has additional measures, such as automatic shutdown if it detects abnormal temperatures.


  • Rhythmic vibration function will ensure that no particles are left uncollected. A light wobble to go over difficult areas, where dust tends to hide.
  • High efficiency UV-C (253.7nm) quartz crystal anti-suspended particle UV bulb in the dust collector. Combining sterilising power with maximum reliability in terms of protection.


  • Rated power of 330W, channelled into a prominent filtration system (HEPA 9) Professional hoover functions at your fingertips. Without complications


  •  Bagless tank. Hygiene is another of its maxims, which is why the container is emptied with a single gesture, without the need to include other elements. Preventing the accumulation of undesirable substances.


  • Simple and intuitive to assembly We care about making innovative, quality products. But also that they are accessible to you. That’s why the IUV POWER mattress hoover, along with all other materials such as manuals, have been designed to give you a 100% comfortable user experience.


Article: IUV POWER Vacuum Cleaner
Machine power: 330W
Voltage: AC220-240V~50-60H
Noise: ≤ 77dB
Size: 220*200*120mm
Filter: Filtro de entrada SS + HEPA
Dust capacity: 0,3L
Suction power: 10KPA
Ultraviolet light: SI
Ultraviolet light power: 6W
Net weight / Gross weight: 1.3KG / 1.5KG
Cable length: 4m

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