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Privacy policy

Identity of the data processor


Registered office: C) MARGARITA, 34, 28970, HUMANES DE MADRID (MADRID)

Tax Identity Code (“CIF”): B87039806

Web site:

Contact e-mail:

Contact telephone: 91 144 11 79

DPO:  Jose Antonio Hernandez Revilla


LUFTHOUS S.L. has adapted this web site to the requirements of Spanish Framework Act 3/2018, of 5 December, for the protection of personal data and safeguard of digital rights (Ley de Protección de Datos y garantía de derechos digitales), to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (GDPR) and to Spanish Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico – “LSSICE” or “LSSI”).

Withholding of data in compliance with the LSSI


LUFTHOUS S.L. reports that, as a data hosting service provider, under Spanish Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico – “LSSI”), it withholds for a maximum term of 12 months the information essential to identify the origin of the hosted data and the moment when the provision of service commenced.


The withholding of the data does not affect the secrecy of communications and the data may be used only in the context of a criminal investigation or to safeguard public policy, being made available to the judges and/or courts or Ministry that may so require them.


The data shall be communicated to the Forces and Corps of the State in compliance with the personal data protection laws.


Collection of data through


In compliance with personal data protection laws and any other applicable relevant legislation in force, the user is informed that the personal data provided shall be processed by the data processor only for the purposes set out in the relevant form. The user is also informed that failure to furnish the data required in the forms existing at the web site implies impossibility to achieve the purpose for which the data are collected.


LUFTHOUS collects data through the following channels.


Subscription to the Newsletter

If you completed the form for subscription to the Newsletter existing at the web site of LUFTHOUS, we inform you that, in compliance with the data protection laws, the personal data that you provided will be processed by LUFTHOUS  to manage your subscription to the Newsletter and keep you thus informed of the activity of LUFTHOUS, consent having been granted by the data subject on completing and sending the form and marking the box accepting this Privacy Policy.

We also inform you that your personal data will be processed for the time strictly necessary to meet your request, unless and until you revoke your consent, notwithstanding the preservation of such data for the duration of the legal obligations binding on LUFTHOUS.


In respect of any processing

Principles applicable to personal data

The principles relating to processing of personal data are:

-Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency.

-Principle of data minimisation.

-Principle of limitation of the storage period.

-Principle of integrity and confidentiality.

Purpose of processing

Purpose of processing the personal data

We process the personal data for the following purposes:

-To meet your request and provide you with information related to the services provided by LUFTHOUS, in particular, the design, manufacture and customising of sleep products: mattresses, pillows, toppers, articulated beds. Particularly, data are collected in the following forms: 

           -Form “contact us”: the purpose of which is to provide information, doubts or claims on the products of LUFTHOUS for which the following data are collected: name and surnames, mobile number, identity document number, e-mail address.

           -Form “I want to be a distributor”: the purpose of which is to provide information to distribute the products of LUFTHOUS for which the following data are collected: name and surnames, mobile number, identity document number, e-mail address.

-To send commercial notices; newsletters, promotions and special offers and to manage the list of subscriptions made available by the user.

-To manage social networks: the processing of data of persons who become followers in the social networks of the official web pages of LUFTHOUS or of activities, products or services of LUFTHOUS.

If the process to contract for any our services is commenced, subsequent consent will be requested for the necessary purpose.

Legitimate basis for the processing of personal data

The legitimate basis for the processing of your data is your consent. On completing the relevant forms and marking the box  “I accept the privacy policy”  and clicking to send the data, or on sending e-mails to  through the accounts enabled for the purpose, the user declares to have read and expressly accepted this privacy policy, giving his/her unequivocal and express consent to the procession of his/her personal data for the purposes and on the terms set out here.

You may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data at any time. Such revocation shall not have backdated effects.

Classes of processed personal data

The classes of data that will be processed for the aforementioned purposes are only the identity data (name and surnames, identity document number, telephone number and e-mail).

Especially protected data are not processed.

Compulsory data will be highlighted in the data collection forms. If you decide not to provide us with any of such compulsory data, we will be unable to achieve the intended purpose and the data will not be processed nor will the service in question be provided.

You guarantee that the personal data that you provide us with are true and correct and you will be responsible for reporting to us any change in such data.

Disclosure of data to third parties


Data will not be disclosed to third parties unless this is compulsory by law. However, for the correct provision of the services, LUFTHOUS may have to disclose certain personal data to third parties that provide it with services, solely for the correct operation of the company. In any case, such disclosures of data as may be performed shall be made to such third parties as may be commissioned to process them as the data processor, for the provision of services to LUFTHOUS, which will imply access by the third party to the personal data. In this regard, LUFTHOUS shall have available the relevant commissioned data processing agreements with the third parties who process or access the personal data of LUFTHOUS, in compliance with data protection laws.

The data provided to send the Newsletter will be disclosed to IMAGAR INFORMATICA, S.L.U., a hosting firm whose servers are located in Spain.

Data controller: IMAGAR INFORMATICA, S.L.U. – Tax Identity Code (“CIF”): B-83.494096; Postal address: c/ Estambul, 24, nave 4 (28922) ALCORCON (Madrid). Telephone: 91.616.88.00. E-mail: See IMAGAR privacy policy.


Exercise of rights 

We likewise inform you that you have the rights of access to, rectification, erasure, restriction and portability of and to object to the use of your personal data and withdraw your consent, which you may exercise by sending an e-mail to LUFTHOUS at


Please take into account that you may withdraw your consent at any time.

LUFTHOUS undertakes to meet the requests sent to it by e-mail. In this regard, LUFTHOUS will answer within the term of one month after receipt of the request. Nevertheless, the possibility of a two-monthly extension shall be taken into account considering the complexity of the request, in addition to the number of requests. Such an extension shall be reported within the term of one month after receipt of the request.

Lastly, especially when you have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of your rights, you have the right to file a claim before the national supervisory authority, for which purposes you may get in touch with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos), either through the electronic channels that said agency has enabled for the purpose or at its physical address: C/ Jorge Juan, 6, 28001-Madrid.


Keeping of the data

The data subject undertakes to keep the data provided to LUFTHOUS duly updated. Where the data provided by the data subject are false, incomplete, not up to date or inaccurate, the data subject shall be liable for any direct or indirect, material or non-material damage that this may cause any third party or LUFTHOUS. LUFTHOUS retain the right to terminate the services provided to the data subject, and any relationship, notwithstanding any other action to which they may be entitled by law.

Storage of the data

The personal data shall be stored for the duration of the commercial relationship of for the time necessary to perform the legal obligations.


Use of cookies

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Security of the data

LUFTHOUS has adopted the logical, physical, organisational, contractual and other measures to avoid the unauthorised access by third parties to and the destruction, modification, reproduction, dissemination, transfer and reuse of the data.

For such purpose, we include an SSL certificate (issued by: GlobalSign Domain Validation CA – SHA256 – G2). It is a security protocol that ensures that the transmission of data between a server and web user, including feedback, is absolutely encoded or encrypted.

LUFTHOUS is unable to guarantee the absolute unassailability of the Internet or thus that the data cannot be violated by fraudulent access to them by third parties.

In the event of a violation of the security of the data, LUFTHOUS will notify the responsible data protection authority, unless the violation may hardly jeopardise the rights and liberties of the data subjects in question.

Nevertheless, whenever you provide personal data through the network, there is the risk that third parties, beyond our control, may intercept and use such data. Although at LUFTHOUS we use our best endeavours to protect your personal data and privacy, we are unable to warrant the security of the data that you disclose through the network under your responsibility.

Effectiveness and amendment of the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy established by LUFTHOUS is in effect from the date of its publication in the web site in question; the user may file and/or reproduce it. 

This Policy may be amended due to changes in the requirements established by legislation in force from time to time, judicial decisions and case law changes and changes in the business strategy and action of LUFTHOUS. It shall be published and accessed by the users through this site, on the understanding that the relationship established with them prior to this change shall be governed by the provisions in force when the web site was accessed to establish it.