We have been working and perfecting our cleaning devices for years. We have finally designed a robot vacuum that meets our standards.

LH VISION is the avant-gardeof domestic cleaning, and not only because of its high suction capacity and power – we wanted to go further and equip it with the best cutting-edge technology. In this way, you will have an ally capable of keeping dirt at bay whilesaving more time for yourself.

For a future together; for a better future.




The main innovation of the LH VISION vacuum robot is its integrated camera.

This innovation allows the device to carry out intelligent mapping of the roomit is working on, which will also make it possible for you to control from anywhere,using the “ROBOT CLEANER” app that you can install on your phone,whether it be from the office or wherever you are.

Moreover, its gyroscopic sensors give the robot the ability to cover the entire surface.


It has two containers: one for water to mop clean your home (mop included), and the other one as a dust container for storing everything that has been vacuumed.

Water tank capacity 300 ml
Dust container capacity 600 ml


Thanks to its charging station your vacuum cleaner will always be available for use. The robot will automatically return to the charging station when the battery is running low. You can also press the Recharge button on the robot or charge the robot immediately using the “ROBOT CLEANER” app.


Robot dimensions Diameter 330 mm
Height 74 mm
Net weight 2.7 kg
Battery Voltage 14.4 volts
Battery 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack
Cleaning Dust container capacity

Water tank capacity

600 ml


350 ml

Charging time 300 minutes

* Charging time under normal conditions is approximately 300 minutes.

Charging time 100 minutes

* With a full load, the LH VISION Vacuum Cleanerwill clean for approximately 100 minutes.

System Power 28 watts
Operating voltage 14.4 volts

* This information is subject to change and Lufthous® reserves the right to update product specifications.

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995 €