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LH Desk Purify is an purifier and ozone generator capable of absorbing and decomposing different polluting elements present in the air; pollen particles, dust, bad smells, etc.

The combination of negative anions, ozone emission and ultraviolet light will help you effectively improve the cleanliness of the air around you.

At Lufthous® we are truly concerned about the environment that surrounds you. The air purifier and ozone generator LH Desk Purify has an advanced filtering system designed to trap different particles dispersed in the air that can be harmful to our well-being.

As soon as the device starts working, the ozone works and negative ions are emitted, which not only act against visible and microscopic particles, but also neutralise emissions generated by electrical devices and which reach us daily.

This equipment is designed to become an indispensable element in your day to day life; be it in your business, office or in your own home.


  • Lower rate of discomfort.
  • Enrichment of the environment.
  • Hygiene.
  • Helps customers to stay longer in clean premises.
  • Helps to increase work performance.
  • It is a powerful ecological cleaner.
  • Cleans, causing the elimination of harmful elements.
  • Neutralise the environment.


  • Anti-harmful particles
  • Anti-pollen
  • Anti-dust
  • Anti-odour
  • Anti-dirt
  • Anti charged environment

Lufthous - LH DESK Purify - Filtradores de aire - Filtrador de aire y emision de aniones - Productos Lufthous


  • Helps to clean the air inside your home and keep it free from dust, pollen, lint, harmful gases such as adhesives and unwanted particles.
  • It helps eliminate odours from bathrooms, kitchens, tobacco smoke, food odours and prevents electrostatic.
  • It helps to remove undesirable particles in suspension and any other unwanted particles present in the air.
  • It increases the content of negative ions in the room, highly recommended to improve the quality of indoor air and have a fresher and cleaner air.
  • Helps eliminate moisture and fungus


During its operation, LH Desk Purify emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays. This means that it attacks all kinds of visible and microscopic undesirable particles.

This application in the field of cleaning, is a revolution and an advance, due to its effectiveness.


When the power button is pressed lightly, it changes from red to white, and the product enters the operating state. The same thing happens just by running your hand over it, it turns on and off with a simple gesture.

Lufthous - Productos Lufthous - LH DESK Purify - Filtradores de aire - Filtrador de aire y emision de aniones

Lufthous - Productos Lufthous - LH DESK Purify - Filtrador de aire y emision de aniones - Filtradores de aire


When the remaining time of use of the filter is less than 168 hours, the timer button will appear in red to remind the consumer to replace the filter in time.

*PM are particles per million and 2.5 are the particles that are floating in the environment (2.5 microns,) which are harmful to the respiratory system.

PM2.5 status display PM2.5 Index (μg/m3) Air quality
Green 0000-0075 Excellent
Blue 0076-0150 Good.
Red 0151-0999 Contamination

The product has a built-in PM2.5 laser sensor that monitors the PM2.5 index of the surrounding air in real time.

Lufthous - Productos Lufthous - Filtrador de aire y emision de aniones - LH DESK Purify - Filtradores de aire


Input voltage DC12V
Power 8W
CADR 100 m3/h
Noise ≤ 52 dBA
PM2.5 Real-time display 0-999ug/m3
O3 Ozone 300 mg/h
UV 2 mw
ION 5*106 pcs/cm3
Filter Grade H11
Energy efficiency Ratio :> 12.5
Filter Duration 1500 hours
Room size 60-70 m2
Product net weight 1,45 Kg
Product size 180*180*298 mm

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