Mini Ozono Pocket

In Lufthous® we target our efforts in one direction; Technological advance and innovation.

Each of the products we develop is the result of exhaustive research and the daily work of a team of professionals.

The new Mini Ozone Pocket device is our team’s ultimate bet. With this sophisticated ozone and ion generator, you will contribute to the elimination of undesirable elements in the environment, which can bring countless benefits.

Its application is highly recommended in various places, such as refrigerators, furniture, in the car, bathrooms and kitchens.

Regenerate your environment and enjoy the advantages of Mini Ozone Pocket.


Ozone has a high antioxidant power, which makes it a powerful enemy against undesirable elements.
Ozone in nature is one of the largest inhibitors of harmful substances that could put our well-being at risk.
Cleanse and refresh your environment thanks to Mini Ozone Pocket.


Model name: Mini Ozone Purifier


Electricity consumption: 0.4 W

Input voltage: DC 5V

Ozone output: 5 mg/h

Amount of anions: 5*105 pcs/m3

Net weight: 0.1 kg.

Product measurements ¢ 82 * H 43 mm

With lithium batteries: Yes

Space affected ≤ 0.35 m3

Product operating time: 15 hours continuous

Application: shoe cabinet, refrigerator, car, wardrobe

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345 €