Lufthous® has been working for years to transform simple ideas, into real and tangible instruments; guaranteed products, designed and manufactured to offer a practical service to the user. 

This is the case of the new Lufthous® Back Laser, a cutting-edge product that combines massage and vibration technologies in the most advisable way, but also, applying the best laser therapy. 

Much of the current population suffers from back discomfort. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the importance of massaging this area, and above all, to do it in the most appropriate way.

With the Lufthous® Laser Back, we will gain an important ally, since we are talking about a device that uses the best technology. Applied to the lumbar region, it helps to improve circulation, also increasing the strength and recovery in its stability, support and protection. As a medical professional, I consider this an amazing idea that certainly offers some amazing results.

In addition, its unique and exclusive design is designed so that its handling and storage is the most comfortable for the user.

No doubt Lufthous® knows well what we need, and therefore makes it possible. Do not miss the opportunity and enjoy this great experience. Your back will thank you.

Thank you for trusting our team”.

The best possible combination: The effectiveness of laser methodologies manifests itself in a tangible way in many areas and LuftHous® has been working for years and perfecting its range of tools related to this type of treatments through products for domestic use. 

LuftHous® Back Laser is a sophisticated device that combines a pressing, kneading and vibration massager with laser light. We can say that this is a perfect instrument for your rest; say goodbye to tiredness and sit comfortably to enjoy this laser device.

How does it work? The most recent research on the laser technique shows how when the laser beam of 650 nm. is made to impact vertically on the body, penetrates it, being remarkably beneficial to our body, which facilitates a better muscle condition and better ventilation.

The massage device that takes care of your back: It is an instrument that helps alleviate back discomfort by improving the strength of the waist muscle to support the spine more firmly.

In addition, its use provides a truly positive effect on the lumbar zone (may even help improve recovery in this area).

In addition to the relief of discomfort, it is also necessary to highlight its application against swelling and aid in reducing the sensation of agitation.

LuftHous® Back Laser is a very sophisticated and practical device, and apart from all the benefits cited so far, it is important to emphasize its help to support the spine, which translates as a better and prompt recovery in the case of back discomfort. 

As a last point, it is important to emphasize its important contribution to the correction of incorrect postures in our back.

Comfort, easy use and great portability: LuftHous® Back Laser is an advanced technology instrument, which applies the pressure and vibration system intelligently. But in addition, its design is specially developed taking into account every detail.

Thanks to the wireless remote control, you can operate the device in the most convenient and practical way. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience that LuftHous® Back Laser offers.

In addition, the size, weight and design of the device make it an easy instrument to transport and store, making it a most recommendable tool.

Guaranteed quality: LuftHous® offers you the quality of a great brand; A working team willing to listen and deal directly with its users, and thus, offer the best possible uses. 

LuftHous® Back Laser is one more device that adds to the important range of products that LuftHous® develops in the field of personal care, and that presents itself as a real revolution in this same area; state-of-the-art technology, intelligent design and effectiveness go hand in hand to bring home one of the most innovative products in the laser field.

You imagine it and we will make it a reality. 

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