hydronic pure

Nature gives us everything we need; air, the food we eat, and of course, water, the element that gives life. 

Just imagining a natural place with crystalline waters and we can already feel a true well-being in our interior. This element flows in our environment, and also in ourselves, endowing us with the vital energy that we need to survive. 

Given the importance that water has for us, I am pleased to tell you about the new device of the LuftHous brand; HYDRONIC PURE. 

This instrument is specially designed to facilitate an unlimited supply of hydrogen-rich water for our consumption. You may wonder what advantages this can have; because it is very simple. HYDRONIC PURE uses the same procedure with which nature purifies water, through movement, natural curves and energy vortexes, to add oxygen, minerals and energy. All this translates into incredible improvements in the properties of treated water. You will see how it helps improve your well-being through daily use. 

Once again LuftHous puts an instrument of amazing and innovative characteristics at your fingertips. Its use is basic and simple. 

HYDRONIC PURE is not a water purifier. This innovative device offers a new concept in this field. Now you can enjoy water richer in hydrogen and equipped with a hexagonal molecular structure (such as that found in nature). It also reduces alkalinity, ORP and increases oxygen and minerals.

With Lufthous Hydronic Pure you will have the largest source of antioxidant in your home.
  • Acts against free radicals 
  • Help your body balance oxidation levels and PH
  • Improve your performance 

Lufthous has designed Hydronic Pure to occupy the minimum space in your kitchen. It offers several installation options to choose the one that best suits your needs.

1st Installation on the countertop of the kitchen connected to the water network of quality or reverse osmosis.

2nd Installation under sink and obtain the hydrogenated water directly in the house tap.

Why hydrogenated water is beneficial for health

The antioxidant power of Hydrogen is so powerful that it helps eliminate free radicals, which are guilty of premature ageing at all levels.

In addition, Hydrogen is able to penetrate where other antioxidants cannot reach to produce energy through oxygen.

The energy of hydrogenated water

Hydrogenated water gives a greater contribution of antioxidants helping our body to convert food into energy because if we have a high oxidation level, our body would not generate energy alone so as to avoid further oxidation.


  • Consumption: 80W.
  • Hydrogen concentration: up to 1,000 ppb.
  • ORP: between 450 ~ 580 mV.
  • Working temperature: 5 pc ~ 40 pc.
  • Working pressure: 0 ~ 0.6 Mpa.
  • Valid water type: reverse osmosis water.
  • Weight: 4.5 kg.
  • Measurements: 340 x 119 x 363 mm.
  • Input and output voltage: 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz.
  • Input water pressure: 5 kg max. Anti-Leakage

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3.495 €