The Lufthous® product range developed for personal rest have an extensive history of articles, all made with premium quality and are the fruit of laborious research. 

The LH TURMALINK PROTECT® DUVET, is the new product that our brand offers. Using it will not only allow you to protect yourself from the cold during the coldest periods of the year, but will also bring you incredible benefits while you rest.

It is only thanks to the combination of the best raw materials and the most avant-garde technology that you can obtain a duvet with characteristics as unusual and innovative as the ones we offer you. 

The distinctive key of the LH TURMALINK PROTECT® DUVET is in its composition; a series of integrated layers that include different latest generation materials (intelligent fabric with tourmaline microparticles, and microencapsulated Bayscent® ACE, with vitamins A, C and E, releasing citrus aroma)

If you want to know more about the special features and all the advantages that the new Lufthous® brand duvet can offer you, don’t be left behind and join us. 

The world of rest is in luck and we want you to witness it.  


This is a natural mineral with a complex composition, as it contains fifteen different elements: lithium, nickel, potassium, boron complex silicate, sodium, aluminium, magnesium, etc.

Black tourmaline is a highly valued mineral because it can channel our energies and is able to transform negative energy into positive and high frequency energy, which is why it is recommended to achieve a state of true well-being.

Black tourmaline is able to help us in:

  • – Protection from electromagnetic radiation.
  • – Harmonise your body.
  • – Neutralise the burdens of lack of rest. 

Its properties applied to the LH TURMALINK PROTECT® DUVET give it a key factor, helping you to sleep better, and also to do it in a restorative and pleasant. 


1 – Custom Continuous Quilting

2 – TURMALINK fabric with luminescence

3 – 300 grams HCS feather touch fibre without resins

4 – Bayscent® ACE fabric with vitamins A, C, E; and luminescence.

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