“Welcome; I invite you to sit down and walk with a new gymnastics device, the NATURAL FEET MAGNET PLUS! 

I know that a priori this statement may seem contradictory, so I want to tell you about this incredible device presented by Lufthous.

The truth is that the main dynamic is very simple to understand; while our legs move, the rest does as well, and this keeps us healthy.

Thanks to this, we can comfortably and effectively combat the effects of reduced mobility and sedentary lifestyle; and without leaving the home! 

With regular use, you will begin to notice great benefits practically across your whole body, but especially in our legs and joints. In addition, it will promote blood circulation and activate the muscles and oxygenation.

Its periodic use can help you lose weight and benefit from multiple advantages.

Do not hesitate and try NATURAL FEET MAGNET PLUS. Its use is fully recommended and it has no contraindications.

And as always, with the best guarantee possible; you need it and therefore, Lufthous makes it possible


The enemy of sedentarism: Surely we spend more time sitting than we should, either in the office, in our house or in any other place. NATURAL FEET MAGNET PLUS is a solution for this problem. We are talking about an innovative passive gymnastics device that will allow you to move your legs while sitting, while giving you a delicate massage. …and all this, without altering your rhythm of life! An effective solution, full of advantages and with which you will notably gain in well-being.

What benefits does it contribute? This device is designed with the main purpose of improving your quality of life. The amount of advantages that can bring us are the result of a laborious process of research and development by our team. 

Thanks to its innovative and dynamic system, you will gain numerous benefits for your body; improvement of circulation, elimination of swelling and joint discomfort, activation of muscles and aeration, reactivation of the return circulation

Improve your mobility; improve your well-being: This is a device that is highly recommended for people with reduced mobility or chronic discomfort. Soon after its use, the results will begin to be patent (disappearance of swelling in legs and ankles, decrease in levels of harmful elements , elimination of postular discomfort in the legs and back…).

The best technology and innovation; always from LUFTHOUS: Lufthous is a brand synonymous with guarantee and quality. Each of its products is the result of exhaustive work by the entire project teams. NATURAL FEET MAGNET PLUS is a great sign of the commitment that Lufthous has with each of its users. 

  • Silent engine
  • 3 Automatic modes
  • 1 Manual mode
  • 30 speeds
  • Remote control
  • Magnets on bearing surfaces
  • Height adjustable front legs
  • USB audio input, with speakers
  • Power 20 W
  • 24V power adapter

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995 €