Technology plays a very important role in your life, which you are surely more aware of with every day that passes. At Lufthous® we are particularly motivated to offer you useful, modern and high-quality products.


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The key that differentiates a unique product from another is innovation. The 360° Convertible Laptop perfectly combines state-of-the-art technology in different fields (audio, video, communication and computing). In addition, its incredible hinged revolving screen will make it easy to use in any type of situation or place.

Now is the time! Be part of our project and enjoy the advantages we offer.

The future comes with Lufthous®, welcome to the wonderful world of technology!


* The 360° Convertible Laptop allows you to move your screen according to your needs. Thanks to its hinge you can place it in up to 4 different positions.

* Surf the Internet from home in the most practical and comfortable way. 

* Read ebooks or other similar items from bed or any other location.

* Watch movies, series, documentaries and everything in high quality video and sound.

* If you like video games, you can also enjoy them like never before in 360° Convertible Laptop.

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