Become a true galactic hero and improve your shooting skills with LuftHous Elite Warriors; an incredible pack that includes everything you need to enjoy for hours, with your friends or alone. 

A fun, simple and ideal game for the development of imagination and ingenuity. Recreate authentic space battles against invading aliens and become the best gunman in the galaxy.

The battlefield is yours with LuftHous Elite Warriors.

Will you be able to live up to the challenge?



With 12 darts and 2 mobile targets you can take action and play in different modes:

  • Ferris wheel target: It has 6 mobile objectives. Will you be the first to eliminate the 6 invading Aliens?
  • Tunnel target: Go through the tunnel and reach 7 targets. Will you become an expert Elite Warriors shooter?
  • 1 VS 1: Challenge your friends and show your aim in one-on-one mode.
  • 1 Elite Warriors Lufthous pistol
  • 2 rotating targets with sound
  • 12 Elite Warriors Darts 
  • 1 Cartridge 
  • 6 Aliens Targets
  • 7 block targets  
  • 1 or 2 players 
  • Works with AA batteries. Batteries NOT included. 

+3 years

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99,50 €