Our home is undoubtedly the most precious place we have; a place where the most valuable objects are stored and it is where we feel safe with our family. That’s why it’s important to protect our home in the best possible way.

The new Lufthous® smoke detector will become an indispensable element in your home. A utensil that should not be missing and that will allow you to be protected against multiple effects that may be dangerous.

This high quality product has the right size and its application is comfortable and simple. Install it in the place that suits you best and feel completely safe at home. 

Thanks to its powerful sensitivity capable of detecting photoelectric signals and its audible alarm, you will be fully prevented from any type of domestic accident, such as fires, the appearance of gases or other dangers.

We are talking about a very effective and complete product, very easy to activate and with an elegant design that turns it into a utensil that cannot be absent in your home.

New smoke detector, with a unique structural design and intelligent MCU to process photoelectric signals, equipped with anti-dust, moth and light interference functions. Its design guarantees the stability of the detector. Can be installed anywhere. It is also equipped with an optional wireless interconnection function. Rapid response to the presence of smoke generated by latent fire and flame. Suitable as a fire alarm in homes, factories, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, banks, libraries, warehouses, etc. 

Better to live safe: Most fires usually occur at night, so it’s easy to get smoke poisoning in the first few minutes and not realize these is a fire until it’s too late. The only remedy for this not to happen has a name, it’s called a smoke detector.

Easy and comfortable: Its installation is not a problem, because it is really simple. Also without making holes in the wall, or other complications.



● Automatic processing technology: MCU.

● Low battery indicator.

● Automatic restart after activation.

● Infrared photoelectric sensor.

● Audible and luminous alarm and LED alarm indicator

● SMT Manufacturing Technology. High stability. 

● Anti-dust, anti-moth and anti-luminous interferences

Technical Data:
  • Power supply: 2 AA 1.5 V batteries 
  • Current at standstill: <10 uA
  • Current during alarm: <35 mA
  • Sensitivity level: 2.06 %/ft ± 1.3
  • Alarm indicator light: Red LED
  • Sound intensity of the alarm: 85dB/3m
  • Transmission distance: 200 meters (open)
  • Operating temperatures: -10 to 50º C
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95 % RH
  • Measurements: Ф105*38 mm.
  • Manufactured according to standards: GB4715-2005, En14604, UI217
  • Detection area: 80 m2 at an installation height of 6 to 12 m; 60 m2 at an installation height of less than 6 m.

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95 €