If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a different pillow, one that fits you perfectly; your posture, your physiognomy… well, your search ends here!

Lufthous® brings you the new LH Turmalink Protect® Viscoelastic Graphene pillow. 

This is a different pillow, belonging to an exquisite range of products oriented to rest, all manufactured with the latest technology and the best raw materials.

Thanks to its ergonomic design we obtain total support; comfort for head and neck, helping to maintain a better posture and diminishing possible cervical and lumbar discomfort.

To make your rest experience truly full and rewarding, we have incorporated tourmaline microparticles and a micro-encapsulated treatment of Bayscent® ACE in Strech fabric with Vitamin A, C and E that will accompany you during your sleep.

When we talk about something as essential as rest, we cannot leave loose ends, nor can we skimp on resources. That is why we designed a pillow that is completely unique in its composition. Thanks to the graphene foam and its Airflow system, we achieve a memory system (which gives it the greatest possible adaptability), as well as greater breathability and thermal regulation.

As you can see at Lufthous® we take your rest very seriously, and that’s why we work so that you sleep better every day. 

We wish you sweet dreams with the LH Turmalink Protect® Viscoelastic Graphene pillow. 


Quizá alguna vez hayas pasado una mala noche por no disponer del medio de descanso adecuado. Esto puede pasar factura. Por ello, en LuftHous® nos aseguramos de que cada uno de nuestros productos se vea sometido a los más estrictos controles de calidad.

Aportamos todas las certificaciones necesarias que verifican el origen y calidad de nuestros materiales.  

Tu descanso y bienestar es la mayor recompensa para nuestro equipo. Hazlo como nunca gracias a la almohada Viscoelástica de Grafeno LH Turmalink Protect®. 

Dulces sueños y gracias por confiar en nosotros.

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